Thursday, May 30, 2013

Semakin hebat scam mail sekarang ni

Dapat email daripada RHB Bank tentang transfer duit ke Maybank.

Nasib baik aku takda akaun dalam Bank RHB. Kalau tak, mungkin boleh tertipu jugak... Siap ada description Duit Baju.... manalah tau kekalau anak aku terbeli baju sukan dia ke kannnn :)
Maklumat yang diambil daripada

FAQ on e-Banking Security
1.    What are the current most popular e-banking scams in Malaysia?
The number one e-banking scam in Malaysia currently is phishing/email scam, followed by SMS scam and phone scam.

2.    What is an email scam?
An email scam is a type of scam more widely known as ‘phishing‘. An email scam involves a fraudster randomly sending forged emails purportedly from financial institutions or publicly known organisations to lure victims into revealing their internet banking login credentials, email credentials, credit card numbers, bank account numbers and/or passwords which are then used to perform transactions not authorised by the victims.
These emails are designed to appear legitimate to gain the trust of the recipient. The content of the email typically attempts to inflict a sense of urgency and panic in order to trick customers into revealing confidential information on a fake website/popup.    

Hati-hati ye kawan-kawan... walau apa pun yang dikatakan dalam email, sila jangan klik link yang diorang bagi tu.

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